Calitzdorp Wine Cellars

Calitzdorp is also known as the port wine capital of South Africa, due to the quality of the port wines made by the local wine cellars. Top quality wines are produced in Calitzdorp mainly by Boplaas, De Krans, Axe Hill and Calitzdorp wine cellar. There are other Calitzdorp cellars also producing quality calitzdorp port and calitzdorp wine.

Why Calitzdorp wine and Calitzdorp port is so good

Port-grape varieties prefer a hot, dry, climate such as that of Calitzdorp. There are quite a lot of similarities between the climate of Calitzdorp and the Douro valley in Portugal. The poor, well-drained soils of Calitzdorp, where vines struggle to ripen, are very suitable for port - wine production. These port-wines are produced from internationally recognized varieties such as Tinta Barocca and Touriga Nacional. A blend of these varieties enhances the aroma-intensity, depth and complexity of these port-wines. Last, but by no means least the dedication of the port-makers is pivotal in the production of these prizewinning port-wines, made in the classic tradition of a high alcohol and relatively low sugar content.

Boplaas Wine Cellar

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Boplaas is situated in Calitzdorp, a small picturesque village in the Southern Cape in the majestic Little Karoo. The Nel family is part of a rich legacy that reaches back to more than 150 years. Boplaas is a family concern with Carel Nel, a Cape Wine Master, as owner and cellar master. Boplaas has long been regarded as in the forefront in premium wine production. Boplaas is known for world-class table wines, Ports and their award winning pot-stilled brandies. TEL: +27(0)44 2133326

De Krans Wine Cellar

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De Krans Wine Cellar is situated along the upper reaches of the picturesque Gamka River Valley near Calitzdorp. The history of the farm dates back to 1890, when it was bought by the Nel family. Since 1985, most of the classic Portuguese Port and wine varieties have been planted. The present owners and cellar master are brothers Boets (who qualified as a Cape Wine Master in 1997) and Stroebel Nel - the viticulturist. TEL: +27(0)44 2133314

Calitzdorp Wine Cellar

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Situated in a beautiful valley along Route 62 in the Little Karoo town of Calitzdorp, Calitzdorp Wine Cellar is an award winning winery dating from 1928. The Calitzdorp area is well-known for its fortified wines; primarily port, and is worth a stop along the world's longest wine route. Calitzdorp Cellar has produced a number of award winning wines and fortified wines TEL: +27(0)44 2133301

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Calitzdorp accommodation

Calitzdorp accommodation caters for every taste, from 5 star guest houses and self catering accommodation to camping. Click on image for more info.

Wine Cellars

Calitzdorp accommodation

Top quality wines are produced in Calitzdorp mainly by Boplaas, De Krans and Calitzdorp Wine Cellar.


Die Bosvarkie Bar Calitzdorp

Wine and Dine in one of our local calitzdorp restaurants. The restaurants cater for every taste bud. Anything from international cuisine to local South African dishes are offered.